Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Renaissance Festival

I went to the Renaissance Festival and what an amazing place it is. Stores of clothing and jewelry and armor and weapons and other odds and ends. Then there are rides and shows of all sorts.

If you happen to arrive early, you have the chance to see a small skit before they open the festival. As I stood there watching, straining to hear the King and Queen, a strange shadow came behind me and my friend nervously moved away. Frightened, I did not move a muscle. All of a sudden, a giant hand touched the top of my head. Then another hand came from the left and touched the side of my head. As quickly as the shadow came, it left. The shadow was none other than a giant King costume. I have never been more frightened and more excited in my life.

After inside, my friend and I browsed through stores, staring at the jewelry and clothing like they were the most amazing things in the world. The clothing is so meticulously made and beautiful. And expensive and uncomfortable. I got the opportunity to try on a corset, a deep red. After it was all laced up, I felt pity for women in the Renaissance era. It is not possible to breathe or bend or do anything in a corset. If I had the money, I would buy one nonetheless.

If my first two experiences were not enough, more were to come.

If you have ever gone to the festival, you surely know who the Washing Well Wenches are. And if you do not, shame upon you. These two ladies, Izzy and Winnie, are hilarious and quite talented. They can make you feel awkward and excited at the same time. I just have to say, thank goodness I am not a man. During the show, Izzy sat on a man shoulders and covered his head with her dress (do not fret, she had on bloomers underneath), and told him to be quiet. Awkward, yet funny and exciting.

Renaissance Festival. You must see it sometime in your life.

By Brittany


  1. This is very well written, it seems as if you are reviewing the festival but have written it out like a novel from a first person perspective :)

  2. must be a unique experience. too bad nothing like that happens where i live.

  3. That sounds like a really interesting thing to go to! Just wish I could go, y'know? Heh.
    Tech Me

  4. Great post...cant wait for more +followed